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Welcome to Artycor!

We’re a design and gifting company specializing in home decor and life’s special occasions. Grown out of a sheer passion for traditional art form and nature, we help you discover fine things made with love and passion.

The underlying idea is to bring people to take another look at the beauty and the richness of the hand-crafted creation. Each product is curated by handpicking the reclaimed teak wood that is unique in every grain. The natural imperfections of wood are incorporated into the designs. We loved the idea of offering a second life to old materials. There cannot be any two creations exactly alike.

Our process is entirely in-studio, from conceptualization to creation. The designs, the colour combinations and the patterns in our collection will certainly bring that extra touch. Every grain on those crafted products carries with them a different story to tell.

Artycor presents the right blend of what you are looking for - beauty, elegance and style, This brand operates at a very personal level and we believe in providing the best services to our customers which gives them the choice of having a personal touch in every product they are looking for. We love weaving your story into tangible form