Custom Made

Gone are the days when each one of us had to run behind specific products or services for our need . But in today's world differentiation is prioritized the most. That’s where the ‘Customization’ comes into play. Until a few years ago, personalized products were pretty much limited to a small circle of brands and items. It mainly comprised of specific gifting items, showcase products. Luckily, a lot has changed now. We offer the variety of things ranging from ranging from wooden nameplates, home accents, home décor products, corporate and occasional gifts to plaques and souvenir as well.

Every Customer is unique with their set of demands or needs. That uniqueness must be identified because we value each individuals preference. There is no way to understand customers need in any other way than to get it customized for them. More involvement in customizing and designing the product would lead to the establishment of the strong bond and a better understanding of ones need. The uniquely created product will always have a story to tell. It would be much more than just a priced possession. Everybody loves a personal touch so the product is designed with the utmost dedication and precision, as well as keeping in mind the beautiful story associated with. Time flies, but those memories last forever.


Understanding requirements of clients

Clients come up with their requirements to us via diverse social media platforms like Instagram or through emails, phone calls as well. Clients can contact us through our website also.We have wide variety of offerings which range from ocassional gifts like Anniversary gifts, Birthday gifts , to Nameplates and anything but unique. Tell us if you want to incorporate your story into any of our products.These thoughts then are curated into a tangible form.

saw-with-handle-cutting-wood (1)

Designing and Manufacturing

Once the requirements are clearly stated and client approves it, we proceed further by providing client with the catalogue. After receiving the final nod from clients for the product, we handpic the material based on design and requirement and then curate it.


Purchasing /Finalizing the product for Shipment

Later to the curation of the product we will send the picture or visual referrence to the client for final approval. Product is shipped after receiving the final approval.